What's in it for me?

Plain and simple

We help you monetize your podcast with advertising!

All we need for you to do is claim your podcast, tell us a little bit about it so we know what ads to bring you, and that's all!

Great things about Zvook

  • Our platform is free for podcasters!
  • We're non-exclusive! (you can do ads with anyone else)
  • Our ads are non-binding! (you don't have to do ads we offer you; completely up to you)

How it works

  • You sign up and claim your podcast on the site.
  • We bring in a brand to buy podcast advertising.
  • We present you with the brand.
  • You tell us this brand sounds good and you'll do it! (Or decline for any reason, we can try another time per your feedback of brands you don't want)
  • You speak and publish the ad in your episode(s)
  • We pay you!


Zvook platform (Mobile)


Get sponsors for your podcast by being a part of our extensive podcasting listing.


Get matched with brands that best align with your podcast and target audience – or get notified when brands that match your profile submit a brief.


Get notified when a brand has chosen to work with you, agree on collaboration, create the podcast ad and get paid all through Zvook Platform.

Full control

Set your advertising rate, available ad slots and statistics, approve brands to work with. You have full control over your profile information.

Get discovered by hundreds of potential partners and find brands you want to work with - quickly, transparently and easily.

We are live! Claim your podcast and start monetizing now.