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Discover the full spectrum of sponsorship opportunities with a click of a button, whether you are looking to partner with one or with twenty podcasts.


Explore podcasts that best align with your brand, budget and target audience for an effective podcast ad. Browse through your perfect matches – or submit your brief and let the best podcast matches reach out to you.


Find podcast matches, agree on the campaign, monitor the ad effectiveness and make the payment all through Zvook Platform. An effortless way to add podcast advertising to your media kit.

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New to podcast advertising? Zvook is a perfect way to give it a go. Test it out to identify which content and podcast ad cost works best for your brand.

Zvook platform (Desktop)

Discover hundreds of podcast sponsorship opportunities quickly, transparently and easily.

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Do you have what it takes to beat the Zvook team in a game of Codenames? If you beat us, we'll waive our entire fee on your first podcast advertising campaign over $5,000.

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What is Zvook?

We are a tech-enabled platform to help monetize the long tail of podcasting industry by matching brands with podcasts. We believe there are enormous untapped opportunities in monetizing the audio industry in a smart, transparent and a tech-first way and are aiming to be the dominant player to lead the way.

How does Zvook create matches?

Our matching platform will be based on smart algorithms. It will consist of information provided in your profile and the knowledge graph we'll create based on your preferences and publicly available data. If you?re a brand, such data may be your website or social media presence. If you?re a podcast, it would also include your existing episodes.

Analyzing and combining data from your profile, podcast episodes and publicly available information we'll build an extensive analysis that'll help bring together brands and podcasts based on brand alignment, style, target group and relevance, rather than just key words.

What countries does Zvook support?

Good news, Zvook is a global platform! Majority of our current podcasts and brands are in the USA and Southeast Asia but we welcome everyone to sign up and join as we grow our community of podcasts and brands across the borders.

Is Zvook free to use?

Yes! Whether you are a podcast or a brand, creating a profile at Zvook is completely free.

For podcasts, creating a profile will unlock an opportunity to be discovered by the brands. Podcasts are never asked to pay for listing on Zvook - as a podcast, you earn money, not spend it.

For brands, you can search through the full directory of podcasts without a profile. Once you select the desired podcasts to work with, you are asked to create a profile to let the podcast know who you are.

Brands will proceed to make the payment for the desired ad once the podcast has approved the collaboration request. All prices and conditions are clearly displayed before any payment is made.

Do I qualify as a podcast?

If you have a podcast, you qualify for Zvook! We believe every podcast has something to offer through their unique voice. We believe that there is a match for everyone – regardless of your number of listeners, target audience or frequency of your episodes.

Keep in mind that brands are looking for different things. Big names are looking for different podcaststhan challenger brands and so on. The key is not in numbers, it is in alignment between the brand and your audience.

To get the most out of Zvook, make sure to update your profile and help us match you better.

Do I qualify as a brand?

If you are a registered company, you qualify for Zvook! Whether you are a small startup, big brand, an agency with a portfolio of clients or an independent practitioner looking to reach out to a new audience – we’ve got you covered.

I’m a podcast. How do I make money through Zvook?

Firstly, create a profile with Zvook. When you have a profile, you will be discoverable by hundreds of brands via our platform.

Once a brand has been matched with your podcast and has chosen to work with you on a given ad, Zvook will notify you about the match. If you approve the ad, you can proceed creating and executing it.

Once the ad is out, the payment from the brand will be credited to your account by Zvook.

What is the business model of Zvook?

We believe in full transparency. Zvook takes a 25% commission on all transactions via our platform while the remaining 75% goes directly to the podcast. There are no other hidden costs involved.

I love Zvook. Can I partner or get more involved?

Absolutely! We are open to partnerships and other collaborations, and are occasionally looking for new superstars to join our team. Drop us a note at support@zvook.co and we’ll get back to you.