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Authentic host-read podcast ads

  1. Submit your Quick Mention copy and make the payment. Each quick mention is $200.
  2. Your Quick Mention will be matched with the podcast best aligned with your brand, and the host will read it live within 14 days.
  3. You are notified when the Quick Mention is live and provided with the audio file of the episode.

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Total: $200

14-day money-back guarantee: Zvook will match your ad with a relevant podcast within 14-days. We will reach out by email to provide you with the podcast name and publishing date (NOTE: the actual publication date is different from the match date and may not occur within the 14-day match date). 8 days after the ad is published we will email you the number of downloads/listens for the first 7 days of publication. 31 days after the ad is published we will email you the number of downloads/listens for the first 30 days of publication. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us at


What is a Quick Mention?
  • A short mention read by the host during one of the episodes.
  • Includes the name of your company, a one-line description and a call-to-action.
  • Listen to an example here.
  • Quick Mention is not a full-length ad which means it's cheaper, faster and a better way to test if podcast advertising is for you.
Why is Quick Mention a great way to test out podcast advertising?
  • Quick. No more back and forth emails with podcast hosts. Simply submit and your ad will be live-read within 14 days by a relevant podcast.
  • Easy. New to podcast advertising? Test out brand awareness or direct response messages at an affordable price. Then, double down on verticals that are working.
  • Efficient. Cut through the noise and get your message across with a format that works.
What is the price of a Quick Mention?
  • 1 Quick Mention = $200 = 1 episode with minimum 1,000 downloads guaranteed
  • You can choose the desired quantity and each mention will be placed in a different podcast.
How do I know this actually works?
  • Our platform is quick, easy and efficient - we are confident in delivering your Quick Mention within 14 days.
  • However, if your ad is not placed within 14 days we'll offer your money back, no questions asked.
How do I measure the ROI of a Quick Mention?
  1. Look at the listenership data Zvook provides after the campaign to identify your reach. Your cost/listener should be $0.20 or lower.
  2. Use vanity URLs ( and promo codes such as ("podcast20") to track the exact website visitors and new customers from the ad.
  3. Drive listeners to your website and monitor your website traffic to identify spikes around the time your Quick Mention is live.
  4. If you are looking to sign up new users, trial accounts or a waiting list, use a field in your form to indicate the podcast name when signing up.
  5. Remember: Quick Mention is a test! The goal is to get familiar with podcast advertising and hear how your brand will sound mentioned by the host. If you like what you hear, give it another go - or sign up for Zvook platform, roll up your sleeves and start creating real podcast ads!