Why monetize with us

Get discovered

Zvook's platform takes care of getting you discovered and in front of relevant brands so you can monetize your podcast. That's not all, we also tracked payments and handle all the backend logistics.

We’re non-exclusive

You can list ads with Zvook along with any other platform. We can even work directly with your network or representative if they have exclusivity.

Full creative control

Earn money talking about your favorite brands through host-read ads. Set your advertising rate, available ad slots, and statistics. You get to approve the brands you work with.

Get paid in full

Joining us is completely free and you get 100% of your ad revenue.

Brands using zvook


How It Works



Claim your podcast on the Zvook platform in 3 clicks



Add listenership stats, price your ads, and make your profile your own. Completed profiles get the best visibility & the highest chance of matching.


Get matched

Sit back and wait for the sponsors to come in. If you’re happy with the match, approve and receive payment.

Zvook platform (Desktop)

Got what it takes?

We’ve worked with podcasters and brands of all shapes and sizes. We’d like to work with you too! If you’d like to have Zvook help you monetize your podcast with ads, claim your podcast. Not sure if you're ready to monetize? That's okay! Come claim anyway. Remember, you can always pass on a sponsorship opportunity.